Reaching Your Peak Begins Here

Want to accelerate your at home fitness with personal training, seminars, and an exclusive community? Join the Attain at Home Premium Crew

In this time of social distancing, Attain Wellness is offering FREE 45-minute live workout classes every day that you can do at home – no equipment required!

Individualized personal training designed to help you attain any wellness goal, from weight loss, strength gain, and more.

What is Your Fitness Goal?

Do you want to gain strength? Lose weight? Move well and more often? A combination of these or something else entirely?

Your goals are paramount. They serve as the purpose of your health and wellness journey.

Our role in your journey is to help you attain your goals. Determining the best training strategy for you is important, and understanding you as an individual informs our programming.

Enter the Attain Method.

Our method begins with an Attainer Assessment. We will discuss your goals and behaviors, and perform a body composition analysis using a high-tech, non-invasive InBody Scan.

The assessment ends with an FMS movement screen, with which we measure your mobility and stability.

Supplied with tons of important data, we are able to design a training plan that is specifically tailored to you, which will allow you to reach your peak safely and effectively.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start attaining your fitness goals.

Reaching your peak begins here.

Our Services

Personal Training

Customized personal training programs specifically designed for your body and your goal

Attainers get access to 1 hour personal training sessions for $60 per session


Expert nutritional advice from a Registered Dietitian

25+ page nutritional packet designed for different wellness goals

Yoga & Small Group Fitness

Small group classes that perfectly blend high energy workouts with 1 on 1 attention from certified coaches

Attainers get free access to all classes, and drop in rates for classes start at $15

Attainers enrolled in a personal training program get a FREE 45 minute dietitian consultation, and unlimited access to all classes, workshops, and events.

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