We are excited to announce Attain: Crew, our new small group fitness class!

In addition to being high-energy, you’ll receive close personal attention to help you perform exercises safely and get the most out of your workout!

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Personal training, nutritional programming, yoga, and more – all for one price.

Join the community that educates and implements wellness practices that forge a life of happiness and health.

Reaching your peak begins here.

The Attainer Assessment is a full fitness assessment including a muscle and body fat analysis, movement screen to test mobility and stability, and a conversation with one of our experienced coaches to set goals and discuss quick wins to improve your overall health. It’s free, and for coming in you’ll also unlock a complimentary personal training session!

At Attain, you pay one price for gym access, seminars, special events, personal training, nutritional plans and more. No annual dues, no extra charges for personal training or class access. We’re a facility that is designed around fair fitness, where an investment in us is an investment in yourself, and your future. 

Check Out Some of Our Program Finishers Below!

Attain Wellness also offers weekly yoga classes and events! Your first class is free, so check out our schedule below and sign up!

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Fun Fact of the Week: Flexibility and mobility aren’t the same thing – when talking about flexibility, we usually talk about muscles being able to lengthen and shorten. When talking about mobility, we’re usually referring to the ability for your joints to move through a certain range of motion!