About Us

Everyone’s wellness goal is, and should be, different. But no matter your goal, the activities you perform must be done safely, slowly, and progressively.

Attain’s philosophy is to begin every goal with a focus on movement, form, and foundations. This allows you to set yourself and your body up for success by establishing proper movement patters that will allow you to lift more, perform more reps, and ultimately help you reach your goal with more sustainability and without injury.

We start slow and focus on what’s important, so that we can attain our goals efficiently and effectively.

When you begin a program at Attain, you’ll learn a lot of information, very quickly. You’ll learn things like how your breathing can affect how well certain muscles are able to engage, what generating torque in your hips and shoulders feels like, why hearing form cues like “puff your chest out and pull your shoulders back” is potentially harming your exercise performance.

All of our programs are designed for you to actively learn, so that in the future you can perform these activities on your own.

It is our goal to pass on the knowledge you need to maintain sustainable wellness practices inside and outside of our facility.

From the community within our facility, to the township and local businesses in the area, we want to make it easier for everyone to live a healthier life – even if they aren’t an Attainer. The partnerships we develop with neighboring businesses will create synergies, incentivizing our community to unlock discounts, special offers, and access, to make living a lifestyle centered around wellness easier and more affordable.

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