Our Philosophy

Building strength, confidence, and autonomy through a holistic approach to wellness.

Our History

Most origin stories are dramatic in nature. But we aren’t superheroes, so the same can’t be said for us.


Our journey into the world of health and wellness began in the high school weight room. In a pursuit to become stronger, our circle of friends began to include barbells and dumbbells. And we thought these new friends were pretty cool. “What if we used this to help people?” we wondered. 


This question stayed with us throughout and after college. We continued to research new training methodologies and studied the varying dimensions of wellness. The answer to the question we had posed ourselves was beginning to take shape.


When we reconvened years later at a burger joint, it was settled: we would start Attain Wellness.


And that’s our story. Two high school friends who love training, learning, and sharing knowledge with others in the pursuit of healthier lives. 

Our Method

Movement is a fundamental part of life. In early childhood, we learn to roll, crawl, and walk. As we get older, our movements become more dynamic, more complex. We become capable of running, jumping, bounding, and so much more. 


Naturally, our introduction to you and your wellness journey starts with learning more about you. We want to know your experiences with movement and what brought you here. We conduct in-person interviews to learn about your habits and goals. Our InBody scan and movement screen help us establish a foundation.  We use assessments to measure your movement capacity, and the data we glean from them directly informs our programming.


During your program, you’ll also learn about how movement not only has a positive effect on your physical wellness, but other areas of wellness as well. We’ll teach you about the dimensions of wellness and the relationship movement has with all of them. 


Your journey towards holistic wellness will constantly evolve. New obstacles will pop up on the path. Your successes will pave the way for loftier goals. But one thing is certain as you make your way towards the summit: you’ll have the tools and the knowledge you need to push forward.


Reaching your peak begins here.