Attain Wellness COVID-19 Safety Procedures

Attainer safety is always paramount. We pride ourselves on being an injury prevention-focused facility, specializing in corrective exercise training to improve the quality of your exercise, and help you attain any goal you have safely and efficiently.

In these times, protecting your health has never been more important. That’s why we have implemented strict safety procedures to ensure that you can train in a clean, disinfected, and safe environment while social distancing guidelines and reduced capacity mandates are still in effect.

Our Steps to Ensuring a Safe Training Environment

1. Until further notice, all training sessions will be 100% private, meaning only you and your trainer will be in our facility during your session.

We have always maintained a private feel for all of our Attainers to allow as much personalization, freedom, and comfort to you as possible. Now, we will be enforcing a complete 1-on-1 experience for you during your personal training session. This means that only you and your trainer will be in our studio during your designated time. We will continue to train couples, provided you share the same household.

Please exercise patience with us as we work through scheduling conflicts, more limited availability, and time padding between sessions to properly disinfect equipment.

If you are still waiting for the right time to return, please be aware that Attain Coaches may also be available to train you outside, at your home, if preferred. While scheduling may be limited, this would allow us to bring some equipment to you, and train in an environment you are more comfortable with.

2. All equipment and high touch areas will be disinfected between each session

We have always implemented extremely high sanitation and disinfecting policies with the daily use of disinfecting wipes and floor cleaners. 

Now, between each session, Attain Coaches will be wiping each piece of used equipment down prior to each session to ensure you are provided clean and safe equipment for use.

3. Nightly, full-studio disinfections will take place, including floors

To ensure the total sanitation of our facility, we will be performing nightly cleanings of our space and all surfaces and equipment, including the use of a disinfecting bleach solution for our rubber floors and turf, to ensure each day begins with a completely sanitized environment.

We have also purchased a brand new air purifier which will be running 24/7 inside our facility. It is equipped for rooms that are the size of our studio, and is able to kill some airborne bacteria and viruses.

4. Buy-in and participation from all of our Attainers is essential

The health and safety of our Coaches and fellow Attainers is our priority. We kindly ask that all Attainers exercise compassion during this new normal.

Upon entering our facility, we kindly ask you to please thoroughly wash your hands, and feel free to use the hand sanitizer that is available. 

If you, or any members of your household become symptomatic, please inform your Coach as soon as possible.

The use of PPE during your session is not required, but strongly encouraged.

All Attain Coaches will be using PPE during all sessions, and as always, any/all physical cues (touching parts of your body to help better position you during exercise) will not be utilized unless we have your verbal consent. 

5. Until further notice, all group classes will remain virtual

Please reference our virtual Attain at Home schedule HERE.

Remember – they are free!

A Message from Coach Ben, Owner & Head Strength Coach

Hi there!

You may be a returning Attainer, looking to get back to our regularly scheduled in-person personal training. You may also be a new Attainer, looking for a wellness solution beyond the limits of at-home training.

I want to say this to you, and to everyone, that we are truly committed to our community, and to keeping everyone safe. If you are uncomfortable returning to us once we reopen, we completely understand. If you are open to it, we are offering at-home, outdoor training when available so that we can bring our quality training directly to you, in the comfort of your driveway or yard.

If you are nervous about returning to your larger membership gym, but might not be looking for personal training, we understand that our facility might not be exactly what you are looking for. All I ask is that you reach out to me to talk. We offer complimentary Attainer Assessments which allow us to match our services with your goals, and understand exactly what your goal is and what motivates to you attain it. It’s an opportunity for us to meet our amazing Westfield community and surrounding neighbors, just as much as it is an opportunity for you to begin learning about yourself, what goals you might not have known you had, and what recommendations our experienced staff can give you to use, whether or not you decide to train with us.

We also offer your first personal training session completely free. So if it has been months since you have lifted weights beyond what you have at home, use this opportunity to get back into things, and have our coaches assess your form, and help guide you along a safe path to achieving your goal.

Our small, but very mighty studio may not be what you are looking for, but I truly hope that you take a moment to consider us as your new-normal destination while larger gyms remain closed. It is the perfect time to reset the clock, get back to basics, and have our coaches help rebuild your foundation of mobility, stability, and strength, for you to safely return to normal once we emerge from this global pandemic.

Please, never hesitate to reach out to me at train@attain-wellness.com with any questions or concerns, and I would be more than happy to discuss.

Reaching your peak begins here.

– Coach Ben