Compass SchoolHouse Team Wellness Program

Compass SchoolHouse’s approach to childhood education is rooted in movement. The Team at CSH encourages students to play so that they can develop vital social emotional, linguistic, and cognitive skills.

As a Compass Team member, you encourage your students to dance, run, and play. We at Attain Wellness believe that you, too, deserve to move as your students do. That is why Attain Wellness and Compass SchoolHouse have partnered to offer you a program that will teach you the fundamentals of movement and nutrition.

Every month Attain Wellness will host a seminar on movement or nutrition. These seminars will rotate every month, giving you the opportunity to monitor your health and wellness goals over the course of the year.

The Compass SchoolHouse & Attain Wellness Combined Mission:

“Attain Wellness will provide a foundation of lifelong wellness to the Compass SchoolHouse Team through a unique, educational experience.”

Through our partnership with Compass SchoolHouse, the Team will receive exclusive:

  • Compass SchoolHouse 3 part nutrition workshop ($30)
  • Compass SchoolHouse 3 part movement workshop ($30)
  • Discounted rates on yoga (5 classes for $30)
  • Discounted rates on personal training (35% off 12 week programs)

Check out the schedule of all Attain Wellness & Compass SchoolHouse Events!

  • Attain Wellness & Compass SchoolHouse Partnership Kickoff Yoga!
    • Saturday, November 23rd @ 9am & 10am
  • Nutrition 101 Workshop: Learning the Basics of Mindful Eating
    • Thursday, January 23rd @ 7pm
  • Movement 101 Workshop: Learning the Basics of Movement & Exercise
    • Wednesday, February 5th @ 4:30pm
  • Nutrition 201 Workshop: Refining Your Nutritional Strategy
    • Thursday, March 19th @ 7pm
  • Movement 201 Workshop: Introducing Load to Fundamental Movements
    • Thursday, April 16th @ 7pm
  • Nutrition 301 Workshop: Making Mindful Nutrition a Sustainable Practice
    • Thursday, May 7th @ 7pm
  • Movement 301 Workshop: Putting It All Together: Group Workout
    • Tuesday, June 2nd @ 6:30pm

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Here’s a list of all other Attain Wellness classes and events you can participate in!

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