Ryan Albertson, Strength & Performance Coach

About: Ryan has been running his whole life. He started competing in road races in elementary school, ran for national championship programs in college, and continues to push himself today. With over 16 years of coaching and personal training experience combined, Ryan has worked with athletes and clients as young as 8 to 86. He has worked with youth and college athletes in multiple sports, a world record holder and Olympic medalists in track and field, and professional athletes in the NBA, MLB, and MLS. He’s passionate about teaching smart, safe, and progressive training that achieves results and sustainability for athletes and clients. He is currently a coach for boys’ cross country and track at Oratory Prep School in Summit.

Certifications/Credentials: Certified Personal Trainer (American College of Sports Medicine), High School Strength and Conditioning Specialist (International Youth Conditioning Association), Adult & Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED (Red Cross)

Specialties: Running Form, Injury Reduction and Strength Training, Sports Specific Strength and Conditioning, Functional Training for General Fitness, Posture, Mobility & Stability, Kettlebells, Powerlifting

Favorite Exercise: Running of course! And Kettlebell Turkish Get Ups

Favorite Pump Up Song: ‘Till I Collapse by Eminem