Meet Your Coaches!

Ben I

Owner, Head Coach

Ben is the Owner & Head Coach at Attain. His 7+ years of personal training experience has allowed him to work with people of all walks of life and all wellness goals. Ben has dedicated much of his time as a strength coach to help refine people’s form and technique to ensure he is keeping you safe while exercising.

LeeAnn P

Strength & Conditioning Coach, Licensed Physical Therapist

LeeAnn grew up as a multi-sport athlete and has turned her focus to helping others develop their inner athlete. She has been in the fitness industry for 12+ years and has worked with high school and collegiate athletes, military, and fitness seekers. In 2012 she earned a master’s degree in Exercise Science and Physical Education from Montclair State University. LeeAnn also holds her Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree through Rutgers University. Her personal mission is to empower you to optimize your movement, sport, and life.

Grace F

Personal Trainer

Grace is a Certified Personal Trainer whose philosophy of training is based on her knowledge that regular exercise maintains physical and mental wellbeing. Living with an autoimmune disease for most of her life, she knows firsthand the importance of exercise in warding off symptoms. Exercise also helps reduce chronic illnesses such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Achieving self-actualization is more probable when an individual is physically active.

Her passion is to live a healthy lifestyle which allows her to reach my potential in all aspects of life – physical, mental, emotional and social. I want my Attainers to understand the connection between mind and body, which will shape how she presents specific exercises. All movement (exercise) must be in the context of how the exercise is affecting their sense of self, their confidence and their sense of competency. She believes regular exercise can literally transform a person’s life!

Sidate M

Personal Trainer & High School Athletic Coach

Sidate is an Exercise Science Major at Rutgers New Brunswick. He is aspiring to become a physical therapist upon graduation. He has been a trainer for more than a year but has more than 4+ years of sports performance training experience due to his participation in sports. His primary area of training focuses on basketball, volleyball, and soccer. His favorite form of training incorporates functional movement, general strength training, and plyometrics. 

He believes in exercise as a tool for empowerment, self-confidence, and rehabilitation to ATTAIN one’s goal and hopes to share that power with others. 

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