The most personalized online fitness program you can join, begins here.

What is it?

Attain: Online is the closest thing to in-person fitness training – now available anywhere you are. This highly personalized online coaching program is designed to give you all of the benefits of 1 on 1 personal training, that can be performed anywhere, even entirely from your own home.

When we created this program, like every product we put our name on, we thought – what does every other online program do, and how can we do it differently, and how can we do it better?

Unlike other online programs that spit out a scary looking excel template with pages of exercises with set/rep schemes that seem to have no actual personalization to your own body and your own goal, Attain: Online gives you virtual face to face time with a certified coach who will then develop programming based on your exact goal, with your exact body in mind. Not only will you have video calls to talk about your goals, but you will also get your form checked through an extensive mobility screen that you can perform from the comfort of your own home – all you have to do is send us a video from a couple different angles, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Even better, the bi-weekly accountability check ins offer you a chance to talk about what is and is not working, so that our coaches can continue to customize your programming to take your own life into account. Have you been doing gym workouts but now are going on vacation for 2 weeks and need an at home routine? We can quickly adjust your program so that you don’t have to stop attaining.

Here’s everything the Attain: Online program has to offer:

  • 45 minute initial consultation with your certified wellness coach to set goals, establish baselines, and walk you through our process
  • An in-depth movement analysis to ensure your program is designed to improve your mobility and flexibility, as well as inform us of any tightnesses, weaknesses, or imbalances you might have that could lead to exercise injury
  • 45 minute 1 on 1 nutritional consultation with a Registered Dietitian to keep you on track with what you eat and drink to accelerate your progress outside of the prescribed workouts
  • A 25+ page nutritional packet with extremely helpful tips and information to design a balanced diet needed to attain your goals
  • A completely customized 3 month exercise routine (adjusted and customized every month to promote muscle growth, strength gain, difficulty progression/regression and movement variety)
  • Bi-weekly, 20 minute phone or video call check-ins with your wellness coach to keep everyone accountable, and allow for programming changes/adjustments, and to keep an open flow of conversation about goals, progress, and wants/needs
  • A supportive wellness coach that is available via text/phone as needed to help support your progress
  • Access to our media bank inclusive of instructional videos, modifications, and tips, to ensure you receive proper instruction that will help reduce the risk of injury

So, how do I get started?

Drop us a note below and we’ll be reaching out within 48 hours to schedule your 1 hour consultation, absolutely FREE.

Well first – how much does it cost? 

After your consultation, if you decide you would like to attain with us, we’ll set you up in our system and get started!

The Attain: Online program is $85 per month when you sign up for your 12 week program up front ($255). You can also choose to pay monthly at $100/mo.

So – are you ready to reach your peak?