Attain: Movement Academy

This Year, Be Ready For Your Resolution.

As the winter approaches, many people begin to develop resolutions for the New Year revolving around health and wellness. A big component of those resolutions is often increased activity in the gym. But think:

Isn’t it hard to start from scratch in the cold of the winter? And, how many of us fall off our fitness resolutions come February and March?

The Attain: Movement Academy is an in-depth 6-week workshop designed to educate you on the fundamental movement patterns performed during exercise, so that you are ready to crush any New Year’s Resolution you might have, and stick to it safely for the rest of the year.

How can you be so sure that I’ll stick with it?

Well, exercise and lifting weights can be scary – especially when you don’t have much experience. There is potential for injury, and, you might feel embarrassed if you feel like the only one in a big group fitness class who looks like they don’t know what they’re doing. And you might not want to go back because of it.

But the greatest potential to not stick with your resolution is because you might lack the knowledge and foundation necessary to ensure you are performing movements correctly, and safely.

Attain’s mission is to educate you so that you can implement wellness practices in your life for the long term. The Attain: Movement Academy is designed to do just that.


Each week, you’ll learn about different movements and modifications to allow you to perform them no matter what limitations you might have with your joints, muscles & body.


After breaking each movement down, you’ll receive 1-on-1 coaching from our trainers to ensure you can safely load each exercise you learn.


We’ll conclude the 6-week workshop by putting everything together for a fun and challenging small-group workout, that has been modified to the exact ability of every attendee.

Check out the workshop dates below!

Each Session Meets on Tuesday Evenings at 6:30PM

  • Week 1 – Breathing & Core Exercises: November 12th 
  • Week 2 – Hip Hinging: November 19th
  • Week 3 – Squatting & Lunging: November 26th
  • Week 4 – Upper Body Pushing & Pulling: December 3rd
  • Week 5 – Cardio Exercises & Mindful Nutrition: December 10th
  • Week 6 – Final Workout!!! December 17th

If there is a day you know you cannot attend, please include this in your note to us so we can make accommodations! Attendance at all sessions is strongly encouraged.

Attain is offering a special holiday discount for this 6-week academy! If you sign up now, you will gain entry to this workshop for just $59.99+tax (a $149.99 value!)

Spots are extremely limited, as we will be providing hands-on coaching for a truly personalized experience, so sign up today!!